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The G4C

A unified picture for managing your fleet.

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A Connected Fleet

This upgraded platform features constant communication coverage through both satellite and cellular channels. The dual-mode system enables users to transmit data while moving from metropolitan to remote areas and vice versa without interruptions.


Asset Ecosystem

Regardless of the mission type, fleet operators need scalable technology to maintain growth. To deliver long-term progression, the G4C streamlines operations by creating an asset ecosystem, allowing customers to simultaneously view and track ground and air units on one screen.

App Integrations: The GMI Connect App

The GMI Connect App, which can be used in portrait or landscape mode on any smart device, communicates with the G4C via Bluetooth

Allows aircrews to send and receive free-form and pre-formed text messages as well as edit pre-formed messages

Configure the system for Automatic Flight Following (AFF), Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) reports, Flight Data Monitoring System (FDMS) logging 

Initiate Mark Current Position and Alerts reports