Guardian teases dual mode flight tracking system


JULY 18, 2019

Guardian Mobility recently announced plans to roll out a new variant of its G4 flight tracking product with dual mode (Satellite and Cellular) capabilities. Guardian Mobility Business Development Manager Ken Stewart confirmed the company is testing a system that could benefit operators with metropolitan-bound missions.

With satellite and cellular connections, the G4 product line offers seamless coverage and cost-effective position reporting for high-resolution billing. Guardian Mobility built the system to remove any gap in coverage worldwide, including flights from urban to remote areas or vice versa.

For law enforcement agencies and others, this translates into a constant connection that allows aircraft flying into metropolitan areas to use the cellular network at a cheaper rate than satellite. Plus, customers will have the ability to communicate using the GMI Connect App over either network for a complete, cost-effective and seamless coverage solution.

Guardian Mobility will offer the small, lightweight platform as a fixed and portable installation, which is expected to release later this year.